Nugget of the Day:

   Today, be mindful of
your surroundings.
      Change one thing to make them more pleasing.


The Discipline Advantage Workshop

When you hear the word, what comes to mind?

   Hard, tough, strenuous, painful?

   Forced behavior, involuntary effort?

   Self-imposed structure?

What You’ll Learn
1) What motivates you (pain or pleasure)
2) How to best structure your life with Discipline
3) Why you are better off in life and at work, using Discipline

Understanding the Value of Discipline

Step 1: Why would anyone want to live a Disciplined Life?
            An open mind, beginner’s eyes, breaking free from complacency
Step 2: Adopting a new perspective
            The doors it would open!
Step 3: What has worked best for you in the past?
            What was/is your motivation?
Step 4: Starting today!
            My Contract with Myself

You win, and your company wins – when you apply what you’ll learn.