Nugget of the Day:

   Today, be mindful of
your surroundings.
      Change one thing to make them more pleasing.

your-movieAttitude: It's Your Movie!



Corporate Outcomes:

• Attendees are self-motivated

• Attendees excel at their work

• Attendees enjoy their career more than ever

• Attendees charge into assignments without resistance          


Personal Outcomes:

• Attendees feel in control and re-invigorated

• Attendees know their best avenues of contribution

• Attendees are confident and energized


GRAB THE PEN, and write your script! You're writing it daily anyway.

No matter what you’re doing -
With your job, your family, your life –
You have more strength and more choices than you know.

You can be the hero/heroine!
You can write your script, as you see fit, from now on.
And every day going forward.

Attitude makes all the difference, and you can elevate your attitude with confidence and realistic possibility.

Setting the stage of your world, building the set around you, expanding the cast of your experience, and utilizing new camera angles – for the long shots and the close-ups in life.

You are the director, because IT’S YOUR MOVIE!